The triple pole manually operated switch is used for switching on / off high tension  transmission line. The said device that makes breaks or changes the path of an electrical current.Generally an electric switch consists by two or more contact mounted on an insulating    arrangement. So can be moved as ON and OFF contact in an electrical circuit by a simple manually operated mechanism.


TPMO switch is a most and important part of an electrical transmission line or electrification work. TPMO switch is arranged on the transmission line for OFF and ON electrical energy as per need at all times that can be operated manually. In the simple form we can say that, TPMO is used as functioned energized and de-energized the electrical load in an electrical circuit.

In the electrical engineering the TPMO is an electromechanical device with triple sets of    electrical contacts which are jointed to external current path. Normally the TPMO is used in   electrical transmission and distribution system for energized / de-energized an electrical path or circuit and touching the contact for electricity flow between transmission lines. At the time of     miss happening can be OFF the circuit manually operated TPMO from ground. The TPMO is consists by porcelain plates, Glass fiber, Bakelite and other insulated material. A mechanism Rod or handle is arranged for manually operation from ground in the TPMO switch that can be got acted by ground manually.