132 KV, 66 KV, 33 KV, 11 KV Isolators with & without Earth Switch up to 2000 Amp.

We supply and install the SREPL range of isolators and disconnectors all voltages up to 132kV to all State Electricity Board and private sectors. Ultima also manufactures cost effective and respected disconnectors in all other configurations including Horizontal centre break, double break centre orating blade and banging type.

Salient Features :

  • The moving contact blade is an Aluminum /copper tube with special copper profile with a bimetallic strip fitted with silver plated copper contacts.
  • The stationary contacts are silver plated copper, spring loaded to maintain constant contact pressure
  • The electrical contact system is easily and quickly replaced should it be damaged due to a fault current or damaging event
  • Range of Terminal connectors to suit current requirements.
  • Robust design and construction
  • Encapsulation of rotary pedestals and heads
  • No significant changes of contact resistance over many years of services
  • Constant contact pressure
  • Stable rotary pedestals ensure no insulator deflection even with high static loads.

Application :

The disconnectors are in effect safety devices and severe for mechanical isolation of systems. In the open position they provide a visible isolation distance. They are able to open or close a circuit if either a negligible current is switched or if no significant change occurs in the voltage between the terminal of the poles. The disconnectors can be applied in many of the usual switchyard layouts of high voltage installation. They are designed for horizontal outdoor application. Under special conditions vertical installation is possible. For earthing and short circulation of switched out portion of the installation, the incorporation of one or two earthling switches are possible on each disconnector.